Emmaus Correspondence School!

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Sending out Bible Correspondence courses to prisoners and their families since 1974. Emmaus Correspondence School is sponsored by Fairhaven Bible Chapel, a non-denominational church in San Leandro Our curriculum consists primarily of courses published by Emmaus Correspondence School in Dubuque, Iowa. Emmaus has a world wide ministry serving literally millions of students since its founding in 1945. The courses focus on the Bible and practical areas of the Christian life. They stress that the Bible is the word of God-that Christ alone can save us and give us eternal life (Matthew 1:21; John 3:36).

When you enroll we give you the option to enter (1) the Regular Program, (2) the Easy Reading Program or (3) the Spanish Program. Students in the Regular Program who earn scores lower than 70% are transferred to the Easy Reading Program. Set Free North handles only the Regular and Easy Reading Programs. The Spanish Program is handled by the Riverside office. Students who request the Spanish Program are transferred to Set Free Prison Ministries in Riverside.

How It Works

You are officially enrolled after you return your completed exam sheet(s) for the first course. We normally send you one new course with your corrected exam, some comments by your instructor and a certificate. However, at some point we will send an additional course so you will always have one to work on while we're grading the other. Please wait until you receive your corrected exam before sending us your exam for the course you've completed. It normally takes two to four weeks to process a course-including mail delays. Use any extra time to review earlier courses-or simply study the Bible on your own. If at any time you do not receive a new course, most likely it's because our records show that you already have one or more courses out. You must complete the courses you already have before we can mail you any more. Let us know if you do not have any courses to work on. It may be that we sent you a course and for some reason you didn't receive it. If you write to us, please enclose your letter with your exam. Write your ID number and the date on your letter. That way if it gets separated we'll still be able to answer it. When you complete the entire program with a good grade average, you may then apply for advanced courses out of the Emmaus home office in Dubuque, Iowa.

Care for more information? Contact Mike Ausmus or call the ECS Northern Office: 510.568.2042 ext. 2080

How are we doing?

We currently have approximately 5,000 students enrolled (those who have completed one or more courses within the past year. In addition, we have sent the first course (Born to Win) to about 2,500 inmates, and are waiting to hear back from them. In 1997 we mailed out 21,677 courses. That's an average of about 1,800 courses per month. In 1997 there were 13,095 courses completed. However, of the 21,677 courses sent out last year, 10,630 have been returned. As I figure it that's a completion rate of 49%. So much for the statistics. I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you need more info.